Tips for clearing UGC net exam 
UGS NET Preparation Tips play a pivotal role in enabling the candidate to answer the maximum number of questions in the allotted period of time. There is no doubt that the UGC NET is one of the most ardent competitive examination accompanied by due accolade in the form of a fellowship and acknowledgement with an Honorary Certification. Considering the rewards, there is no doubt left to predict that the level of the examination is one of the toughest. One of the many UGC NET preparation tips proposed by the successful candidates is to study not only harder but smarter as well. Understanding the UGC NET Exam Syllabus and Pattern, Tapping the appropriate resources for the accumulation of the study material and the most critical factor Time Management to ensure that all the subjects and topics are devoted proper time. Division of time varies as per the candidate’s convenience, however, it should contain three important elements such as Study Time (Devotion to Study Material), Practice Time( Consolidation of concepts through Practice ) and Lastly Time for Relaxation. Ensure to keep some time in between for relaxation for it serves 2 important purposes, firstly it refreshes the mind which leads to better retention of the concepts and secondly it helps to break the boredom of constantly focussing on subject matter topics. The intent of the blog is to highlight some of the important tips that if focussed on with integrity, can help the candidates to attain success in the examination. Adhering to these guidelines can enable the candidate to form a systematic approach towards the targeted UGC NET Examination.
UGC NET preparation Tips – Backbone of Exam’s Preparation Strategy
Without doubt, it can be laid that the UGC NET preparation tips form the key component for the preparation of the exam. Most of the candidates resort to short cuts and misunderstand them as vital tips for the UGC NET exam. Little do they understand that Qualification in UGC NET Exam is an arduous task and the level of difficulty of the questions is high. In fact, the exam is extremely selective and only the best of the best candidates are sorted amongst the many for the prestigious post of lecturer entrusted to perform research programs.
  • Understand the Syllabus and Pattern of the Exam
Considered as the most vital of the UGC NET Preparation Tips, it provides the candidate with an overview of the UGC NET Exam. Considering the latest UGC NET Exam Pattern, it is categorized in two papers – Paper I and Paper II.While Paper 1 is mainly centred at testing the candidates in General Aptitude(research capabilities, cognitive abilities, and teaching abilities). Paper 1 is worth 100 marks and has to be accomplished in a duration of 1 hour. Paper 2 is subject-based and is worth 200 marks that have to be completed within a duration of 2 hours. The exam is offered twice annually and there is no restriction on the number of attempts. Exam has a minimum Cut Off of 40% aggregate for both the papers although the Merit list requires more than 80 to 85 percentile. Understanding the Exam syllabus and the Exam Pattern aids the candidate to avoid reading topics that are unimportant from the UGC NET Exam’s perspective and focus strictly on the exam from the first day itself. The UGC NET Exam Syllabus is available on the official website.
  • Sift the Previous Years Exam Papers for important Topics
Another of the UGC NET preparation tips is going through Previous years exam papers. This strategy is extremely integral to the preparation of the UGC NET exam, for it helps to understand the topics that are recurring for the last couple of years. The best strategy to follow is noting down such topics and initiate the preparation with the topic on the top and subsequently covering the list one by one. Studying a particular topic is actually an amalgamation of Study, Revision and Practice. Candidate should note down important formulas and memorize it fully so that it is easier to solve the numerical problems on the day of the exams. Understanding the fundamentals of any concept is extremely critical for it forms the basis of finding solutions to the problems related to the concept. As the proverb goes ‘Practice Makes a Man Perfect ‘, it holds true in the case of the UGC NET Exam as well. Following the study of each topic, one of the best ways to practice is to solve the questions that are after each chapter. Sometimes the questions are actually taken from the previous year’s question papers.
  • Memorize Short Tricks and Formulas-One of the Time-Saving Tips for clearing the UGC NET Exam
Having access to short tricks helps is essential for it provides the candidates with identification of different ways to tackle some of the most complicated problems within a jiffy. Familiarity with these short tricks and formulas help the candidates gain an advantage to beat the competition. This is one of the reasons many candidates prefer to seek guidance from the best UGC NET coaching institutes as they provide the candidates with not only the study material that is in accordance with the current syllabus but a list of effective time-saving tips accompanied by an exhaustive question bank where the candidates can use them effectively for the desired results. These tips and tricks will go a long way in helping your child crack competitive exams and gain an advantage over the competition.
  • Mock Test Papers-The last of the Tips for clearing the UGC NET Exam 
Mock test Papers definitely cannot be ruled out when discussing the key tips for clearing the UGC NET Exam. The candidates appear for the mock tests under the conditions simulating the actual exam conditions. Thus the student has to complete the same number of questions in the given time interval. Appearing for the mock tests enable the students to evaluate the average amount of time to be spent per question in order to complete the exam on time. Candidate can choose a spot at home or coaching institute and appear for the exam. The candidates who appear for the examination at home should match with Answer keys to evaluate the number of correct answers. Mock Tests are not only one of the Tips for clearing the UGC NET Exam but also enables the candidate to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses. Gradually the candidate can work on his weaknesses in the time left through coaching from a UGC NET coaching Institute.
  • Time Management
One of the most integral tips to clearing the UGC NET Examination is the time spent on the preparation. The candidates are advised to spend quality time towards their preparation. Most of the candidates fumble in the exam simply because they are unable to manage their time either in being overconfident of the subject matter or are busy either in their academic or official Chores. Whatever the case may be, the candidate has to devote some time to the preparation everyday n order to ensure the timely preparation for the examination. Ideally, most experts have advised time from 3-6 months for the preparation of the examination. Also, the candidates should be prudence in not overspending more time on a single subject at the expense of the other for it can turn out to be catastrophic in the final result of the UGC NET Exam. Although the candidate should aim to solve as many questions as possible for success, we recommend the candidates to manage the time taking care of accuracy as well, for any haste can lead to a wrong answer which can make you miss out on the target. Thus in order to secure the desired result in UGC NET Exam, the candidates are not only required to maintain the speed but also ensure the accuracy of the answers as well.
  • Ensure making Concise notes
Imagine revising the entire 3 years course work in a few days. This arduous scenario can make the test giver many jitters. However one can avoid this situation by making short and concise notes along with bookmarking of important topics. The method makes it extremely easier for the candidate to go through the material for an extra revision as the exams draw nearer. Important dates, events, places, scientific terms, definition or Formulae that the candidates need to go through before the final day have to be a part of this list. The sooner one gets into practice of making his own notes, it shall make a huge difference during final revision.
Other Important Tips for Clearing the UGC NET Exam
There are some other important tips for Clearing the UGC NET Exam worthwhile mentioning in the article. Candidate aiming for the UGC NET Exam should have the current update about not only the UGC NET Exam but also possess complete all-around knowledge about the UGC NET Subject. UGC NET Notifications and UGC NET News are the important resources through which the candidate can stay updated. It is important that the candidate enjoys the preparation for the exam. Stay relaxed during the process and take breaks in between and also plan the activities you enjoy the most.
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