1. Self Help Groups (SHGs): It is a village-based financial intermediary committee usually composed of 10–20 local women or men.


  1. Acquiring Bank: A bank or financial institution that processes credit or debit card payments on behalf of a merchant.


  1. Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMS): The initial interest rate is normally fixed for a period of time after which it is reset periodically, often every month.


  1. Amortization: It is an accounting term that refers to the process of allocating the cost of an intangible asset over a period of time.


  1. Arbitrage: It is basically buying in one market and simultaneously selling in another, profiting from a temporary difference.


  1. Automated Teller Machine (ATM): A machine that automatically provides cash and performs other banking services on insertion of a special card by the account holder.


  1. Bancassurance: The selling of life assurance and other insurance products and services by banking institutions.


  1. BASEL Committee: A committee established by the Central Bank governors of the Group of ten countries in 1974 that seeks to improve the supervisory guidelines that central banks or similar authorities impose on both wholesale and retail banks.


  1. Banker’s Lien: Type of charge that gives a bank automatic claim over a borrower’s property or assets that come in bank’s possession in the normal course of its business.


  1. CORE Banking Solution (CBS): It is networking of branches, which enables Customers to operate their accounts, and avail banking services from any branch of the Bank on CBS network, regardless of where he maintains his account.


  1. Derivative Instrument: Financial instruments whose value is derived from the value of something else.


  1. Forgery: It is the process of making, adapting, or imitating objects, statistics, or documents with the intent to deceive for the sake of altering the public perception.