There are strategies and methods that can be adopted on how to improve your Quant Score in Competitive Exams. Most of the candidates always face a dilemma in dealing with mathematical problems. Quantitative aptitude is considered one of the daunting and toughest sections of the competitive examination like Bank PO, SSC or any other government examinations. In spite of the high difficulty level, it is still regarded as one of the most scoring sections of any examinations. The key is just to figure out tricks to solve aptitude questions relating to the Quantitative Aptitude. Access to these tips enables the candidates to solve the questions involving complex equations in no time. How to score good marks in the aptitude tests is a function of the candidate’s understanding the type and level of difficulty of the quantitative questions being asked in the exam. Leaving a few there are 50 questions in the section, out of which 20 are easy. Considering that most of the competitive exams have their cutoffs around 23-24, the candidate can follow some of the integral guidelines and basic maths tricks to significantly enhance your Quant score in competitive exams. But the critical part of acing any competitive examination is to know the topics to be studied for various sections of the examination. Since the article focusses on Quantitative Aptitude, most of the questions in various exams are limited to about 15 topics listed below:
  1. Profit and Loss
  2. Average and Ages
  3. Time and Distance, Time and Work, Pipe and Cistern etc.
  4. Mixture and Alligation
  5. Simplification and Number System
  6. Indices and Surds
  7. Simple and Compound Interest
  8. Partnership and Percentage
  9. Ratio and Proportion
  10. Permutation and Combination
  11. Probability (Basic Theories of Probability)
  12. Linear Algebra
  13. Quadratic Equation
  14. Polynomials
  15. Data Interpretation (Line graph, bar chart, pie chart, histogram etc.)
However for some examinations such as SSC, and UPSC, topics such as Mensuration (Both 2D and 3D figures), Geometry and Trigonometry form an important part. There are questions often asked by students concerning the Quant section of the competitive exams.
  •  I am very weak in maths how to prepare for competitive exams?
  • How to score good marks in aptitude tests?
  • How to improve aptitude?
For all such prospective candidates, here is good news. The article delivers you the correct approach and strategies on how to improve your Quant Score in Competitive Exams. It is highly advised that candidates should adhere to the strategies shared in order to reap the best rewards. Here are 8 of the important strategies the candidates can adopt to improve their mathematical skills, an integral component for the Quantitative section of any examination.
  • Memorize Tables, Squares and Cubes
The first and foremost step on how to improve your Quant score in competitive exams is memorizing tables till 35. In addition, one should also know about squaring and cubing techniques. For instance, some of the candidates who are looking for ways on how to improve quantitative aptitude for bank exams should aim at learning the above. The above strategy makes the calculations easy and thus escalates the problem-solving ability, thus saving a lot of time in not only quantitative aptitude but also in reasoning. In addition, the mentioned strategy helps to figure out a way on how to improve your quant score in competitive exams. Quantitative aptitude is an important element in both the Prelims and the Mains and most of the candidates aiming for success should seek out ways on how to improve your quant score in Competitive Exams owing to mainly two reasons Calculation Ability and Speed which we shall be discussing next.
  • Calculation Ability
The initiation of the preparation should initiate by figuring out the ways on how to improve your quant scores in the competitive exam. Considering that many candidates find it intimidating the subject or the lengthy calculations extremely intimidating, it make it one of the causes of failure. In order to attain success in the competitive examinations, one should be adept in performing mental calculations. This can help the candidate solve the questions quickly with a saving of time. Solving questions, again and again, shall enable the candidate to memorize the concepts and consequently increase the speed.
  • Maintain Speed
One of the important pieces of advice for prospective students who are apprehensive about how to improve their quant scores in competitive exams is to maintain speed to accomplish the exam on time. We recommend the students not to spend more time on lengthy questions or tough questions in the beginning. Rather the ideal practices should be to get the easy questions or the ones you have an understanding of, out of the way. The remaining time should be spent on lengthy questions for which the time-saving tips and shortcuts come in handy.
  • Shortcuts and Tricks
Shortcuts and Tricks are unique tools on how to Improve your Quant Score in Competitive Exams. However one should be prudent not to use these shortcuts unless being sure of them. They play a great role in assisting the candidates with lengthy calculations thus saving a lot of time. The ideal strategy that should be adopted by the prospective candidates is to use the shortcuts exclusively for arduous and lengthy calculations that are time-consuming. In any examination, avoid jargons and lengthy calculations for it slows one down and leads to panic thinking more about the un-attempted questions thereby increasing the chances of making errors.
  • Lengthy calculations
There are always some questions that you would encounter that involve lengthy calculations. For instance, a couple of questions in the Data Interpretation section has questions the answer to which have to be inferred from the graphs. In case you are aimed at figuring out how to improve your quant score in a competitive exam, we would urge you to avoid such questions in the beginning and concentrate on easier ones. Should there be the available time one can always reach out to the difficult ones. After finishing the whole section or the whole paper, one may try these questions. But initially, the ideal approach is to attempt easy questions first.
  • Easy Questions
Ideally, the best approach on how to improve your quant score in the competitive examination should be attempting the easy questions. These questions help the candidate maintain the required speed, which is a crucial component in the preparation for any examination. However, it is seen that most candidates become error-prone on looking at easy and effortless seeming problems. Thus the approach should be to answer the easy questions with attention taking care of accuracy. In other words diligence, accuracy and speed go hand in hand in answering the questions. Candidate should understand that he needs to go through all the questions in this section lest you should miss any easy question. Missing on one easy question can cost you being on the final list.
  • Accuracy
It would not be an overstatement if we mention that the ideal approach on how to increase your quant score in competitive exams should be targeted at maintaining accuracy. Only the accurate answers fetch you the scores which ultimately enable you to find a place in the selection list. The quantitative examination is one such section that is highly error-prone. An error in the use of an incorrect formula or a mathematical sign can make the person highlight a wrong answer which in most cases is subject to negative marking. Here are some of the aspects of how one can approach different sections with accuracy. Quant Section is further divided into 5 subsections and different strategies have to be adopted in order to obtain the accuracy
Various topics such as Interest or Profit and Loss involve the use of Formulas. Important ways on how to Improve your Quant Score in Competitive Exams should start with knowing the formulae of each chapter. The ideal approach is to note all the formulae and memorize it wholeheartedly. Practice solving as many questions relating to the formula.
There are important topics in Algebra which are based on formulae. Any candidate who needs to ace the attempted exam should learn the formulae carefully. At times when it becomes difficult to figure the formula to be used in the question. The target should be to learn the application of the formula, for it helps to solve the question targeted. Should the candidate merely concentrate on memorizing the formula, the chances of being error-prone increase?
Understanding the basics of theorems or the applicable property forms the basis for solving any geometry problem. Whether it is Pythagoras or the properties of the figures in mensuration, it shall help save considerable time in solving the questions. Whether it is Calculation of volumes of the sphere or figuring out the side of a right-angled triangle when two sides are given through Pythagoras theorem, knowing the correct formula can help the student in determining the accurate answers in time.
In order to answer the questions correctly in the topics of trigonometry, the candidate should be able to maintain the relationship between the quantities in trigonometry. There are some height and distance questions that form a part of various exams. Understanding the basic formulas such as sin, cosine, and tangents can help the student to apply the skills instantly, thus saving considerable time.
e)Data Interpretation
The section involves both logical as well as analytical reasoning skills. Considering the fact there are so many calculations involved, the section is extremely time-consuming.
All the candidates should aim at practicing the questions on the above five topics. The key to success is that one needs to attempt questions accurately and not just attempt them without any thought. Keeping in mind the above shall put you figure out how to improve your quant score in competitive exams
  • Practice Previous Years Question Papers
Previous Years Question Papers provide the necessary practice to the candidates. The best strategy after going through the study material is to consolidate your concepts through mock tests and previous years’ question papers. For the best results, it is recommended that the candidate should attempt the examination in the simulated conditions. He should get the exam evaluated through the teacher. The strategy enables the candidate to know about his strengths and weaknesses and provides the basis of understanding the process of how to improve your quant scores. The more questions you solve, the higher accuracy there will be.
The above blog provides the candidates with strategies and tips on how to improve quantitative aptitude for competitive exams. It is extremely useful for the candidates who are weak in the quantitative aptitude and require a reference guideline. The role of a mentor in the preparation of any competitive exam can’t be denied. IBS Institute provides the best coaching for quantitative aptitude in Chandigarh. Led by a team of visionary management from the country’s elite institutes and are themselves experts in the area of quantitative aptitude. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers the entire syllabus of the exams. The study methodology is centered at addressing the diverse needs of the students.IBS Institute’s faculty not only lays down a plan on how to improve your quant score in competitive exams but also strives to help you reach your targeted goal in the most stress-free manner.